Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wolf 1301 and the grinding of teeth

It is possible to walk past trouble in all innocence and not have to deal with any of the consequences. Wolf Fesh is one of them as I learnt today.

The drug itself seems like a strange experience to want to seek out. A locking of teeth and sharp exhalation gives it the street name, and the best cut is sold at Wolf 1301. The original and best so the marketing goes. Underground marketing as I've since found out, but then who I am to say. I don't sample the goods I'm trading.

The thing is that it's openly on sale at Wolf 1301. I bought some. Without thinking or checking for legality elsewhere.

I mean, an open commodities market in an anarchy system is still going to play by the rules, right?

Silly me. Too much knowledge about slaves and too little about narcotics.

Actually I bought several tonnes. Pretty hard to justify it as "personal consumption, officer" if I were caught with it.

So when I've travelled through several lawful systems without so much as an interdiction or an inspection, I'm not exactly feeling troubled by having it in my cargo hold. Of course I couldn't sell it on the legitimate markets of the systems that I visited either, and so kind of forgot that I even had it.

Until I got back to Wolf 1301 and realised that I hadn't sold any. About 400Ly as a round trip, so there's definitely no market as a seller of rares to the original supplier.

There's a need to check my air purification filters are working fully and inspect those cannisters for containment. I've noticed I've been grinding my teeth and exhaling sharply far too much recently.

I'll be wearing an air tight suit, naturally.