Sunday, 22 February 2015

The grinding of teeth - part II

Trouble can still extract a price from those who claim innocence.

Building up a stockpile of rares near Witchhaul should probably carry a health warning; and I've given up on the Fesh as it clearly doesn't travel well. The cannisters were sealed tight but that didn't turn out to be the problem.

I've gotten lazy. Used to authority patrols chasing me I haven't given any where as much thought to pirates. Until one dropped me out of supercruise and demanded half my rares.

I ran. I think it surprised him. Almost as much as it did me.

Still, getting away from an ASP isn't easy. My second mistake was to get back on course to my destination. Pulled out of supercruise again, this time he was better prepared. And a mass inhibit is no fun thing to try and get away from.

I didn't escape.

Shields dropped, limpet attached, all very professional was what I noted in rather clinical detached observation. All seen and done before no doubt. Cargo started spilling out, then my engines were damaged beyond repair and I was drifting and spinning out of control.

Rather than waiting for the final shot I pulled on the escape capsule launch and triggered the self destruct.

The rescue crews were most understanding.

They've had a rush of these recently and have pulled a lot of pilots from their escape capsules. There's a local pirate who enjoys what he's doing and is good at it. I learned something and have also installed some upgrades that have been too long delayed.

I've re-awoken my instincts having clearly grown complacent. Assess the risk before going about my business, and if it doesn't look right then move along. There's always something else to do in a nearby system. Then keep an eye out for anyone who takes an unusual interest.

A shame I didn't think of it at the time: the Wolf Fesh would have been unprofitably fresh and local.