Sunday, 8 February 2015

Redefining big - EZ Orionis

There are limits. To my simple mind the universe won't make sense otherwise. I'll just have to stop trying to guess what they are.

Each time I think I have a grasp of, you know... an understanding... then there is something that turns right side up into upside down. Small back into big. My simple human mind just can't take it all in and comprehend.

Perhaps the universe wasn't meant to live inside my head. Not enough space.

Jumping light years in seconds became routine a while back. It doesn't matter that the second quickest way takes years; I've successfully turned the big into small and my mind is in a comfortable place again. Stars pop up in front of you, all viewed from the same perspective and around a light second or two away.

And then I visited EZ Orionis.

I think my brain leapt 2 feet sideways when it realised and is cowering somewhere behind the aft plating. I'll go find it later.

Until then I'll drool quietly while the universe redefines big.