Tuesday, 10 February 2015

2MASS J05351589-0524175, I remember it well

I should read the manual more often.

One of the options tucked away near the bottom of a third level menu, and accessed through a rather wishy washy icon. Enable "First discovered by..." and flick it to true.

So I'm not the first out here. A well trodden path apparently. I'll try not to think about the glory of being a great explorer, at least not when its on a local transit route to a nearby nebula that everyone can see from populated space.

The advanced scanner active pulse picks up some sparkles reflected from a cloud of passive nano beacons.  The extraction of an encryption key takes only a moment, and a tiny part of my cartography database unlocks to confirm the identity of a fellow explorer.

Hello Axis Mundi, your presence here has been verified. You travelled here before me and yours were the first human eyes to see this star system this close. I'm more than a little envious. Though I won't say no to some credits for the verification on top of the additional data in my scan.

Mind you, I don't remember that third level menu being there before. I mean... hmm... it's not as if the universe was... umm... upgraded around me... now was it?