Friday, 13 February 2015

That journey just down the road...

...made just over 2 million credits from visiting around 220 systems.

But it isn't about the money.

Quite a few systems now have my name on as discovered by me. Others will see now see that I was there first, and know that they follow in my footsteps.

But it isn't about the ego either.

No. Really!

I've started to explore my connection with this universe. A humbling experience when you realise it is larger than you might ever have thought. I have always sought to understand. To know. Frightening though it might be sometimes. To find the beauty and connection in understanding.

My own backyard is starting to feel quite provincial now.

But busy... oh so very busy. The last 250 light years have just seemed to fly by, and my feet have now touched ground at Gende. Strictly speaking they've docked, but the rush of seeing another ship and another Commander is... exhilarating.

I need to get out and find a cool beer to relax with. Perhaps Jaques is back.

We can reminisce about settling my old tab.

[footnote: V2066 Orionis is weird - there are at least three systems named for that. Mine is next to V1315 Orionis]