Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Independent Leesti for Equality - system dominance

The cluster of rare trading up around the Old Worlds of Lave, Zaonce and Leesti are having a rather tricksy side effect on some of the fun that can be had in those areas. If you want to go bounty hunting then you've got an interesting challenge on your hands.

Take Leesti as an example: the dominant faction has just hit 99% control of the system and is about to enter into a boom/expansion phase. That's great until you want to do some bounty hunting, as I was trying to last night. Just about every ship belongs to the dominant faction, and they don't like it when you go after their own.

After a couple of attempts where every ship in sight turned on me, and the penny finally dropped, I decided it wasn't worth the time, effort, and repair bills. Many of those at wanted had 200 or 400 Credit bounties and showing these were first timers as a result of my actions.

An interesting side effect of the dominance and economy reaching critical mass for other Commanders to take into account.

Yes I could have tried to be more subtle, but I was in a "make it go boom" kinda mood. The Old Worlds are moving into off limits for the light entertainment variety of bounty hunting.