Monday, 29 December 2014

A polite letter from docking operations

A fresh pilot complained bitterly of the need to land at a station dock and point in the correct direction. This is the response from the support team:

From: docking.operations@services.gilmourorbital.tauceti
Having trouble lining up on the landing pad there Commander?
Just so you know all of the ships have standardised service points that allow the support crews to turn around your ship maintenance requirements. 
Refuel quickly? Cargo loaded in a flash? Repairs done in a jiffy?
All possible because you, the pilot, take the small time and effort to line up on the landing pad, and pointed in the right direction.
Thank you for your skill and assistance in helping us help you.
At your service.
The station support and operations teams.

Well that was mightily polite of them.

I do hope they get the air and waste connectors round the right way the next time that particular pilot docks.