Sunday, 28 December 2014

Combat report - Day 3 Slave uprising at Sorbago

The slave uprising in Sorbago has attracted Imperial interest. The forces of Senator Torval have been sent to assist in control of the slave uprising, however questions are being asked as to whether this is a business interest or the honour of the Empire at stake.

Visiting the system shows that there is open conflict, contradicting the news stories widely reported in the news media. Both Mastopolis Mining Corporation for the Empire, and the Liberals of Sorbago continue the civil war as proxy.

The Commanders of the Elite Federation of Pilots have shown an active interest in both understanding why the slaves have chosen to revolt, as well as support for the Empire in the form of the Senator Torval's suppression of the rebellion.

The battle continues. Sides have been taken, The reason for the conflict and open hostility is not yet clear...

Video Link (YouTube)
Duration: 5:42