Saturday, 27 December 2014

Greetings Commanders!

I've always had a passion about space and what the future holds. This blog is about Elite:Dangerous, a game recently made as a modern day sandbox exploring this galaxy and its 400 billion stars. Now it has been officially released with a long running story arc that will be revealed on a daily basis.

Recently I've been involved in the Beta development of the game, and from its early beginnings on Kickstarter. The game has already moved me to put together some videos about how I've engaged my imagination in playing this beautiful game.

Over the coming months I'm looking at putting together some more videos. I'd also like to expand on the GalNet news feeds that delivers the story arc to the players - with analysis, asking questions, and linking the larger story back to my activities and play within the game.

You might not always agree with my choices, or like the things that I'm saying, particularly if they are about a game faction that you've chosen to support. Like all good science fiction there is a chance to reflect on modern day actions through the lens of good writing, and highlight the moral choices that we all make on a daily basis. Please keep the comments constructive and engaging though, this isn't a place for trash talk!

Posts that are about the game or this blog will be highlighted with a "meta" tag, otherwise I'll try to mark posts with terms relevant to the game.

Think big, play in the detail!