Sunday, 26 April 2015

The RES site through the looking glass

Every so often you get a RES site that you just want to stay in forever, where things are curiouser and curiouser, larger than life, and oh so bountiful. So very bountiful.

Playing in open this morning I had one of those RES sites.

As soon as I finished off one target then there was another to go after. And another. And then another. Everything was larger than life, and twice the size. The spawn list looked something like this:

Sidewinder Anaconda
Eagle Imperial clipper
Viper Federal dropship
Adder Python

Other players came and went, and while the were there the spawns seems... well... somehow less than they had been before. More adders and sidewinders, and far fewer of the magical stuff appeared. When those players wandered off then the bounty shyly returned for the slaughter.

The Gold Society really really don't like me for taking out so much of their fleet and are now spontaneously hostile. Future targets are of course now clearly visible on the scanner.

Its just a shame there aren't nearly so many of them left now.

[On a blog that deals with roleplay and characterisations of imagination then it does feel odd that reality can still surprise. Yes, this really did happen to me. Almost 8mil credits in about 3 hours of play.]