Wednesday, 11 March 2015

There's painite in them thar asteroids...

There's no such thing as a gold rush these days. Just drop in on your local extraction economy and pick up a few tonnes. Expensive, yes. But there is an indifference to it now that history channels enjoy recounting tales of the early frontiers when Sol was all we had.

So a new market has opened up for highly mobile socialites. It just takes a few brave souls to find some and get their hands dirty digging it out of an asteroid. Running past the local pirates who demand you stand and deliver. Selling at a station for polishing, mounting and trading at a jeweller near you.

No doubt people will die for this.

So the bright sparkling young socialite things can play my daddy is richer than your daddy.

If you discovered a source of this rare mineral, would you stake a secret claim or declare open for all?