Friday, 2 January 2015

Diary#2: Under contract

The zealots haven't exactly been pleased to see me for a while now. In fact they're still downright hostile about that incident with the gold.

The Ortiz Moreno City flight control warmly welcome me each time: "Your presence will not be tolerated, enemy". The station defences twitch my way, tracking me closely, while the local authority line up some practise target runs against me.

At least I think they're practising, you never can be sure with the zealots.

With only a few stations outside Van Manaan's Star under their control, the opportunities to take on work for this faction are few and far between. Scraps of missions as well. Literally. I mustn't forget the slaves either. There is a continual demand for them. At least I now know one reason why I was chosen.

I'm contracted to make friends with the zealots. I have to get a permit. Beyond that... well there's just no data beyond that.

And that has me worried.