Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Exploration promotion - Data analysis

A compilation of some of the statistics from the journey to Sagittarius A* and back again. Promotion jumped from Pathfinder(54%) to Ranger (67%).

The journey

  • Start date: 10th June 3301
  • Returned on: 8th July 3301
  • Days travelled: 29
There were times when it felt longer, however the company was excellent and the time passed in a most agreeable way.

  • Systems visited: 2204
  • Systems newly discovered: 613
  • Distance travelled (estimated): 55,000 Ly

The number of newly discovered systems is lower then I'd thought for, and it turns out that the Pilot's Federation only counts the system if there is a deep scan of a body in it. In my interest in getting somewhere else, and if there wasn't anything worth the time then there was no deep scan. Something to bear in mind for the next trip out.

  • Hull damage: 6%
  • Total cost of repairs (ships systems): 6,490Cr
  • Ship integrity: 4%, 18,191Cr repair
  • Paintwork remaining: 3%
  • Heatsinks used: 3

I can see why the Diamondback Explorer is a popular ship for exploration. The repair bill has been quite respectably low, and the ship resilient to heat issues.

Special bodies found

The number and types of special bodies that were scanned can be summarised as:

Earth-like Worlds (ELW)
Water worlds (WW)
Neutron Stars
Black Holes
Herbig Ae/Be

  • Total credit for all exploration data: 32.95MCr
  • Time taken to sell exploration data: 82 minutes

While I'm sure that there are a lot more Earth-likes and water worlds that could have been explored, their placement in the system would have made them time prohibitive. Also there are a few black holes in there that have already been well visited by other commanders: Sagittarius A* and The Great Annihilator spring to mind.

Several ELW have already picked up names where no-one else has visited. The first found was named Charybdis: quite naturally and without any vanity in exploration involved at all. After that additional names followed such as Triffid, Cupid, Fueleus Ratteus, Fiji, and Cuchulainn as discoveries were offered out to other commanders for naming.

Some of the rather special systems found:
  • The Three Graces were at Phroi Pri VU-V d3-1246 and not too far from Sagittarius A*.
  • An S-type star in Phroi Pri WU-V d3-1033
  • The littlest nebula of NGC 6153 was at CD-39 10464 with a Wolf-Rayet star.
If you're ever in the area then they're worth a visit.

Although there are many ELWs in the galaxy this one caught my eye, having a lovely triple sun in its sky.