Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 5: Sun flare

Mostly travelling today, but before moving off into the desert of stars outside NGC6357, one last look around found a rather unusual looking system. This star formation of a large number of T-Tauri type stars in a single system might well be a characteristic of the star formation within this nebula.

The gravitational collapse of the T-Tauri, towards a density sufficient for hydrogen fusion to initiate, places them as pre-main sequence stars. They are also the bane of travellers as they often appear to be the more common M-type star, with the main characteristic of being unscoopable.

The flare of a star while fuel scooping is a beautiful sight to watch. Almost reaching out to my tight orbit I felt it better to peel off than continue into the mass of ejected material.

Heat management of the Diamondback continues to amaze - a thoroughly modern ship with safety in exploration in mind. Moments later I'm starting the jump to the next system while still scooping fuel.

After leaving NGC6357 a small volcanic planet, rich in metals and minerals catches the eye. I don't know when the mining teams will be able to get out this far, but the scarring on the surface makes for an angry and hostile visage.